Terms & Conditions

 For the purpose of this Rental Agreement:

Alpine Rentals/Alpine Rentals Ltd. shall mean the Rental Company, its owners, officers, directors, and employees;
Customer(s) shall mean Customers, guests/visitors of customer, and their agents, contractors and/or employees.
Rental Agreement shall mean the itemized list of items contained in the electronic estimate or invoice emailed, printed or faxed to the Customer, who by virtue of having signed/accepted the estimate or invoice, and/or paid an advance deposit or in full, expresses his or her agreement with the contents of the Estimate or Invoice.
Rental Center shall mean Alpine Rentals showroom or warehouse, or any other facility owned or leased by Alpine Rentals where the storage, maintenance or transfer of its equipment occurs.
You are responsible for reading the entire terms and conditions
Secondly this agreement grants Alpine Rentals to charge the clients credit card for any damages that my occur during the rental period.

In reference to leasing the rental item(s) / equipment described on the Rental Agreement, it is agreed as follows:

**A valid credit card and driver’s license are required for renting any items.**

A 30% non refundable deposit guarantees your reservation.
Payment is due in full 7 days prior for pre-booked delivery orders or customer pick-up. We accept e-transfer, cash, credit card and cheque.

E-Transfer to: info@alpinerentals.ca
Cheque Payable to: ALPINE RENTALS LTD.

If this obligation is not met, Alpine Rentals reserves the right to either cancel the order without refunding the initial 30% deposit, or apply late payment charges.
Customers who cancel their orders at any time after a deposit is provided WILL LOSE THEIR DEPOSIT regardless of their circumstances or reasons for cancellation.
A security deposit may be required and is authorized at or near time of delivery or customer pick-up.
No refunds will be issued on unused equipment. All rental equipment is subject to availability at time of booking. Prices are subject to change without notice. Website prices represent current pricing.

**The Customer is responsible for loading, unloading, and securing items within his or her vehicle as well as for any damage that they may suffer during those operations.**

Pick-up and Return is only available between Monday to Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays) from 10 AM – 12 PM only. Additional charges apply for after hours pick ups and returns.

Alpine Rentals will reserve will call/pickup orders only if 30% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is received along with a rental agreement and this document have been signed. If the customer fails to pick up their will call order on the specified dateand time, then Alpine Rentals may re-rent the equipment; or if the equipment goes unrented, then Alpine Rentals MAY STILL COLLECT THE BALANCE FROM THE CUSTOMER.
Responsibility for customer-pickup rental items remains with the customer from time the items leave the Rental Center until the time they are returned.
Alpine Rentals may assist the customer in loading, but Alpine Rentals will not be held liable for any damages to vehicles, traffic accidents or rental equipment in transit due to improper loading.
Items returned after the return date specified in the Rental Agreement will incur additional fees to be determined by Alpine Rentals.

Furthermore, an extra security deposit will be required for customers opting for self-setup of the following items:

  • 20′ x 20′ tent – $1500
  • 20′ x 30′ tent – $1800
  • 20′ x 40′ tent – $2200
  • 20′ x 50′ tent – $2500
  • 20′ x 70′ tent – $3000

Kindly note that the security deposit will be reimbursed within 7 business days upon the return of undamaged items.

Alpine Rentals will make its best effort to deliver at requested delivery times, however delivery schedules are not guaranteed in the event of traffic, weather, workload and other circumstances beyond the control of the driver. We recommend that deliveries be scheduled two day before the event to reduce the risk that the time of delivery would affect the success of your event.
Count all items with the driver and sign the delivery invoice when you are sure everything has been delivered. We cannot accept quantity disputes after the event. If you do not arrange to have someone on site at the time of delivery, our driver will leave your rental items at a predetermined location. In this case, you agree to accept the order as complete and all delivered equipment in good working order, unless we receive a phone call or time dated email prior to the event.
Client assumes all risk of damage or injury during installation of rental items. This includes to damage to hardwood, tile, stone flooring, patios, tennis courts, driveways, walkways and underground utilities.
Deliveries are made to an area readily accessible to our trucks/trailer. Extras charges will apply for difficult access, long carries, stair or elevator deliveries, repeated delivery or pick-up attempts. 

For residential deliveries and pickups are only made to drive-way or inside car garage. Extras charges will apply for backyard deliveries, difficult access, long carries are stair.

All customers will provide a 30% NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT in order for Alpine Rentals to reserve their order.
Customers who cancel their orders at any time after a deposit is provided WILL LOSE THEIR DEPOSIT regardless of their circumstances or reasons for cancellation. No cancellations will be processed within 7 days of the event date regardless of their circumstances or reasons for cancellation.
Adjustments to orders can be made until 7 days prior to delivery (except for specialty items). However, any such adjustments shall not reduce the total price of the invoice below the amount of the NON-REFUNDABLE 30% DEPOSIT.
Specialty items include specialty linens, and items that require Alpine Rentals to manufacture, sub-rent, or purchase equipment. Specialty items are non-refundable once they have been ordered by Alpine Rentals, or manufacturing of such items has begun.

Alpine Rentals agrees to reserve all items listed in the Rental Agreement on behalf of the Customer only after the following have been received from the customer.
Rentals officially begin upon customer pick-up or delivery drop-off.
A non-refundable deposit equal to 30% of the total cost specified in the Rental Agreement.
A signed & dated copy of these Terms and Conditions and rental agreement.
The remaining balance of the rental agreement must be paid 7 days prior to delivery/customer pickup, unless otherwise specified by Alpine Rentals.
If prior to the delivery date it is determined that any items of the rented items are unavailable, then Alpine Rentals shall offer, if available, offer a reasonable substitute. Customer may either accept the substituted item(s) or receive a credit for that item, without any liability to Alpine Rentals. If on the delivery date, Alpine Rentals is not be able to provide the reserved unit(s), then Alpine Rentals at its sole discretion will substitute equipment of equal or greater value or issue a credit for that item, without any liability to Alpine Rentals. Customer may either accept the substituted item(s) or receive a credit for that item, without any liability to Alpine Rentals.

Customer’s right to possession of the rental items:
Is for a 4-day period. Equipment returned after 12 PM on the 4th day will be charged for an additional 4-day rental period.
Rental period begins when the rental items leave the rental center in the care of the customer, or when the customer accepts and signs for the delivery of the rental items upon delivery.
In the absence of the renter, the equipment may be signed for by an individual designated by the renter. This individual is automatically given the legal right by the renter to accept liability for the equipment on the renter’s behalf.
The rental agreement terminates once Alpine Rentals has regained possession of the rental equipment.
Any extension of the agreement must be agreed upon by Alpine Rentals in writing.
Title of the rental items shall, at all times, remain with Alpine Rentals
Customer authorizes Alpine Rentals to retake possession of the rental items without notice or legal process at any time, despite whether the equipment is on private property.

Customer is fully aware of and acknowledges that there is a risk of injury, death, or damage arising out of the use or operation of the items contained in the Rental Agreement and hereby elects to voluntarily enter into this Agreement and assume all of the aforementioned risks.
Customer agrees to release and discharge Alpine Rentals from any and all responsibility or liability from such injury, death, or damage arising out of the use or operation of the rental items. Customer further agrees to waive, release and discharge any and all claims for injury, death, or damage against Alpine Rentals, which customer otherwise may be entitled to assert.

Alpine Rentals reserves the right to refuse to install or deliver rental equipment due to unsafe conditions or weather. If this occurs, Customer will be liable for a minimum of 50% of the total cost specified in the Rental Agreement. In the event of unsafe weather or other conditions, Alpine Rentals will use all appropriate means and methods to secure the rental equipment for the safety of the Customer, Employees and the equipment.

Alpine Rentals is not responsible for underground utilities, and charges for time out, whether equipment is used or not. If permission is granted by the Customer to stake anything into the ground at their desired location, then it is the sole responsibility of the Customer to check for underground utilities and water mains.

Alpine Rentals reserves the right to cancel any order due to inclement weather at any time.
Client understands that tent are temporary structures designed to provide limited protection from weather conditions, primarily sun and rain; however there may be situations, particularly those involving strong winds and lightning, in which tents will not provide protection and may even be damaged or blown over. Evacuation of tents to avoid possibly injury is recommended when severe weather threatens the area where the tent is erected. People must leave the tents and not seek shelter in tents during such conditions.
Because it may be difficult to determine if the weather is severe enough to necessitate evacuation, it is best to err on the side of caution. In other words, if in doubt, evacuate.

The cost for missing and damaged items will be charged to your credit card. Renter agrees to grant Alpine Rentals to charge the clients credit card for any damages that my occur during the rental period.
Alpine Rentals bills for damaged equipment unless the Damage Waiver Plan is purchased.
Our Damage Waiver Plan (DWP) is a damage waiver; it is not insurance and does not cover loss or theft. DWP is an 10% protection charge which will automatically be added per contract to all rental items.
DWP will cover the first $100.00 of broken or damaged equipment and 50% of any additional damage or breakage. The remaining 50% will be the customer’s responsibility.
As this is a damage protection, it will not cover the cost of lost or stolen items as replacement charges may be refunded if missing items are returned within 7 days. For this reason, the customer may have to return damaged items to be eligible for any protection coverage. Loss or damage which occurs due to improper handling by transportation, courier or related companies is also not covered by DWP.
Without the Damage Waiver Plan the client pays full retail replacement cost on damaged items. This includes equipment damaged from wind, weather, fire, etc.
Notification of damaged or missing items MUST be reported by calling 519-830-6780 upon delivery/customer pick-up or as soon as noted.

All rental items must be ready for pick-up at scheduled times and placed into their original storage containers.
**Tables and chairs should be stacked and must be ready for pickup, unless optional setup and dismantle service has been purchased. Alpine rentals bills additional $1 for setup and $1 for dismantle**
Renter agrees to grant Alpine Rentals to charge the clients credit card if any items are not ready during the time of pick-up.
If you do not have someone on-site at the time of pick-up, you agree to accept Alpine Rentals counts at the time of pick-up.
It is common to have missing equipment at an event due to the number of people handling the equipment, including your guests, caterer, site personnel, cleaning crews and other people working the event. Often, equipment is unattended overnight. For your own satisfaction, it is best for you to count-in the equipment with our driver at pick-up so that you can verify any missing equipment at that time.
If missing items are found after our scheduled pick-up, you are responsible for returning those items to our warehouse in a timely manner to avoid additional rental charges. We can return to your location and pick up the the missing items for an additional charge.

Customer will take all necessary precautions regarding the items rented, and protect all persons and property from injury or damage.
Customer agrees to hold Alpine Rentals harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, judgments, attorneys’ fees and costs of every kind and nature, including, but not limited to, injuries or death to persons and damage of property, arising out of the use, maintenance, installation, operation, possession, ownership, or rental of the items rented, despite cause.